Les Misérables “Scores On Doors”



Having seen the stage show on broadway a few times I was going into the movie
already a tune to the musical numbers and familiar with the stories characters, this
helped but in fairness would not stop one enjoying this big screen adaption of
Les Misérables. The performances from Jackman, Hathaway & Crowe were all
top notch each showing sides of their acting prowess that are rarely displayed,
Jackman & Hathaway have been recently rewarded by the Academy with Oscar
nominations for their respective roles. Tom Hooper manages to capture the time
beautifully with sprawling set pieces & unusual camera angles.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience, that will have you singing
along, weeping in anguish & cheering for victory – I would highly recommend 8/10


Les Miserables “Trailer”

Les Miserables – Tom Hooper
Cast: Hugh Jackman
Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway
Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen
Release Date: December 14 (US)
December 26 (AUS) January 11 (UK)

Movie Summary
The latest movie adaption of Victor Hugo’s
famous novel – this time directed by Oscar
Winner Tom Hooper (A King’s Speech)