Jack Reacher “Scores On Doors”



If your looking for movie with no special effects, pure entertainment
and a fine story to boot then look no further Jack Reacher is a thriller of the highest order,
well executed by a wonderful cast and kept brutally real throughout. 8/10

JACK REACHER Jack-Reacher2

Killing Them Softly “Trailer”

Killing Them Softly
Director – Andrew Dominik
Cast: Brad Pitt,
Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini,
Ray Liotta, Scoot Mcnairy
Release Date
: October 19 (US)
September 20 (AUS) September 21 (UK)

Movie Summary
Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt) is brought
in to investigate a heist that went down
during a game of poker run by the mob.

This looks fantastic – great cast and judging
by the awesome trailer Killing them Softly
could end up being one of the best of 2012.

Pitt and Dominik worked together on:
The Assassination of Jesse James
by the Coward Robert Ford

Jack Reacher “Trailer”

Jack Reacher
Director – Christopher McQuarrie
Cast: Tom Cruise,
Robert Duvall, Rosamund Pike
Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog
Release Date
: December 21 (US)
January 3 (AUS) December 28 (UK)

Movie Summary
Based on the Lee Child crime novels.
Cruise looks menacing as the dark vigilante
ex-cop cleaning up the streets – this movie
is based on Lee Child’s ninth novel “One Shot”

Alex Cross “Trailer”

Alex Cross
Director – Rob Cohen
Cast: Matthew Fox,
Tyler Perry, Rachel Nichols
Giancarlo Esposito, Jean Reno
Release Date
: October 19 (US)
October 25 (AUS) November 30 (UK)

Movie Summary
Detective Alex Cross (Perry) tracks down
a Killer who has murdered a member of his
family – but not everything is as it seems,
and this no ordinary psychopath.

The photo below is of Matthew Fox (LOST)
who transformed his physique to play the
character Matthew “The Butcher” Sullivan

Dredd “Trailer”

Director – Pete Travis
Cast: Karl Urban,
Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey
Domhnall Gleeson
Release Date
: September 21 (US)
October 25 (AUS) September 7 (UK)

Movie Summary
In the future Judges have the authority
to act as judge, jury and executioner!

A Remake/Reboot of the Sylvester Stallone
1995 action movie (that was terrible)

Flight “Trailer”

Flight – Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Denzel Washington
James Badge Dale, John Goodman
Don Cheadle, Kelly Reilly
Bruce Greenwood, Melissa Leo
Release Date: 2 November (US)
N/A (AUS) January 25 (UK)

Movie Summary
Academy Award winner Denzel Washington
stars as Whip Whitaker a veteran airline pilot
who manages to crash-land his aircraft after a
mysterious mid-air incident, saving all onboard
and being hailed a hero, that is until further
investigation’s take place into what really
happened during that FLIGHT

The Apparition “Trailer”

The Apparition – Todd Lincoln
Cast: Ashley Greene
Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton
Luke Pasqualino, Julianna Guill
Release Date: August 24 (US)
October 25 (AUS) N/A (UK)

Movie Summary
Kelly (Ashley Greene) & Ben (Sebastian Stan)
are being haunted by a presence that was
released during a University Experiment
and now the Apparition is feeding on their
fear & is tormenting them day & night,
Patrick (Felton) an expert on the Supernatural
could be their only hope in tackling
The Apparition

Killing Them Softly “Teaser-Poster”

Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta &
Richard Jenkins star in Andrew Dominik’s
Mob Heist thriller KILLING THEM SOFTLY

So looking forward to this movie, great to see
Pitt & Dominik (Assassination of Jesse James)
reuniting – Dominik has assembled a mouth
watering cast & now we get a glimpse of a
wicked looking teaser poster!

Release Date: September 21st US & UK