Jessica Chastain “Visual Beauty”



Take Shelter

Directed & Written by Jeff Nichols
Cast Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain,
Shea Whigham, Katy Mixon

Michael Shannon stars as Curtis, a working
class family man who starts having
apocalyptic visions, these visions seem to be
warning him of a coming storm, sending
Curtis into a spiral of Anxiety, and Mental
Dilemma, that affects his relationship with
his Wife, Daughter and Work Colleagues
who all start to believe he has gone
slightly mad.

As the visions increase Curtis becomes
obsessed with making ready an outside storm
shelter in his front yard, in Curtis’s mind that
storm is coming & he has to be ready.

“Take Shelter” is a power house of a movie,
with incredible performances from it’s
two main stars – Michael Shannon and
the actress of last year Jessica Chastain.

Jeff Nichols has written and directed one
of the best movies of 2011, it’s truly
Engaging, Powerful & Though Provoking
stuff. You will be glued to your seat.