Lincoln “Trailer”

Director – Steven Spielberg
Cast: Daniel Day Lewis,
Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
Tommy Lee Jones, Jared Harris
Release Date
: 16 November (US)
17 January (Aus)  25 January (UK)

Movie Summary
director Steven Spielberg tackles the
final four months of President Abraham Lincoln
in a movie based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s
biography Team of Rivals:
The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Raiders of the Lost Ark “IMAX”

Indiana Jones & The Raiders
Of The Lost Ark

IMAX Release Dates
U.S. release – From 7th September
U.K. release – From 21st September
(running for 1 week limited)

I am so excited at seeing
“The Greatest Action Movie Of All Time”
on the biggest screen of all

Jaws “Movie Classic”

Farewell & adieu to you fine Spanish ladies”

Director – Steven Spielberg
Cast: Roy Scheider
Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss,
Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton

Movie Summary
Steven Spielberg brings Peter Benchley’s novel
JAWS to life with this 70’s classic movie.
Quint (Robert Shaw) is hired to hunt a Great
White Shark after a series of deaths in the
waters around Amity Island.

Recently had the opportunity to re-watch
JAWS on the big screen – a movie that has
not lost any of it’s qualities and still scares
the holy moly out of me – a true classic!

It could have been so different – originally
the role of Brody was offered to Robert Duvall,
Quint’s role was offered to Lee Marvin and
Jeff Bridges was thought of for the Hooper role.
In my view they got the casting dead right!

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”

JAWS has some memorable movie moments:
the famous scene where Mrs. Kintner slaps
Chief Brody – Quint’s first scene at the town
hall meeting when he run’s his finger nails
down the blackboard (aggh) – the comparing of
scars by Hooper and Quint (one my favorites) –
“you’re gonna need a bigger boat” when the
crew of the Orca get their first glimpse of
the Great White – what a brilliant movie!

Jaws spawned three sequels none of
which were any good (in my opinion)
Roy Scheider returned for the 2nd,
Dennis Quaid was in the 3rd and
Michael Caine starred in the worst of
the bunch the dreadful Jaws: Revenge!

War Horse

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Cast David Thewlis, Benedict Cumberbatch,
Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, Horse

The movie follows a young farm lad named
Albert Narracott who builds a special relationship
with a horse around the start of World War 1.
For circumstances out of Albert’s control they
become separated, with “Joey” the horse going to
War and Albert staying to farm the fields. This is
an incredible tale of a horses journey through the
harsh brutality of War and a tale of true friendship.

Spielberg’s WAR HORSE is fantastic, epic in feel
with a sweeping score by John Williams and
tremendous acting – get to the theatre but don’t
forget the Kleenex.