Silver Linings Playbook “Scores On Doors”



Wow! What an honest, refreshing dark take on the rom-com, fabulously directed
by David O. Russell (The Fighter), with great cinematography & great acting, the
young Lawrence facing off against veteran De Niro in one scene had me purring.

With on screen chemistry between Cooper & Lawrence rivaling that of
Bogart & Bacall and old timers De Niro & Weaver both producing the goods
Silver Linings Playbook is a wonderful movie that is emotionally funny,
sometimes stressful but by the time the end credits role I guarantee you will
be grinning from ear to ear – 8.5/10

silver1 lawrence-globe1

Jennifer Lawrence picking up Best Actress at
The Golden Globes for her Silver Linings Playbook role

Zero Dark Thirty “Trailer”

Zero Dark Thirty
Director – Kathryn Bigelow
Cast: Jessica Chastain,
Chris Pratt , Joel Edgerton,
Kyle Chandler
Release Date
: 19 December (US)
31 January (NZ)  25 January (UK)

Movie Summary
the hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader
Osama bin Laden and his eventual
death at the hands of a team of
Navy Seals in 2011.

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding “Trailer”

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding
 Bruce Beresford
Cast: Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Olsen
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chace Crawford
Catherine Keener, Kyle MacLachlan
Release Date: June 8 (US)
N/A (AUS)  N/A (UK)

Movie Summary
Diane (Catherine Keener) has not seen her mum
for 20yrs, but after her husband asks for a divorce
Diane takes her two teenagers on a family
vacation to visit her Hippie Mum, Grace (Fonda).

Hope Springs “Trailer”

Hope Springs – David Frankel
Cast: Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones
Steve Carell, Elisabeth Shue
Release Date: Aug 10 (US)
Aug 23 (AUS)  Jan 2013 (UK)

Movie Summary
After 30yrs of Marriage and falling into something
of a rut a middle-aged couple attend a Marriage
Counseling Weekend in hope to ingite that old spark!

Top 30 Directors – No.29

Frank Capra

Frank Capra was one of the top directors
during the 1930s winning 3 Oscars as Director

It Happened One Night (1934)
The first Movie to win the Oscar Slam
Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director & Screenplay

Mr Smith Goes To Washington (1939)
Capra & Stewart combine in this Inspiring Classic

Arsenic & Old Lace (1944)
Cary Grant & Priscilla Lane – Comedy at it’s Finest

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)
James Stewart in an all time Movie Classic
Nominated for Five Oscars

Frank Capra born on May 18, 1897 (Sicily)

: Hosted the Academy Awards in 1936 & 1939

My Top 5 Frank Capra Movies:
1. It Happened One Night
2. It’s a Wonderful Life
3. Arsenic & Old Lace
4. Mr Smith Goes To Washington
5. Mr Deeds Goes To Town

The Artist “Mini Review”

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius
Cast Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo
John Goodman, James Cromwell,
Penelope Ann Miller, Malcolm Mcdowell
Uggie, Missi Pyle, Jen Lilley

After watching this movie back in January
& before it took gold at the Oscars I thought it
only fair to re-watch and then post a review.

Set in the 1920/30’s and filmed in the style of an
old silent movie The Artist was a joy to behold.
The movie’s story is centered around a silent
film star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), his
fall from movie stardom, & his relationship with
a young dancer turned actress Peppy Miller.

The Artist tells such an intriguing story, watching
Valentin’s great popularity in the silent era turn to
bankruptcy and a man hitting the bottle to empty
the sadness from his life, it’s pretty tragic but also
filled with many uplifting moments.

It’s a movie shot with style using the medium of
silent film, with great comic moments, beautifully
choreographed scenes and has tremendous
performances by it’s cast.

It’s one of the most charming movie experiences
that your likely to encounter, a true homage to
the golden age of filmmaking and if your concerned
about watching a silent movie then don’t be, it’s
one of the most entertaining films of 2011 & not
forgetting it has one of the most endearing
performances by a dog in a movie since 1939’s
classic The Wizard of Oz.


My Week With Marilyn

Directed by Simon Curtis
Cast Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh,
Eddie Redmayne, Dougray Scott,
Judi Dench, Emma Watson

When I first heard that they were making a film
about star Marilyn Monroe, one of my favorite
movie stars of all time, and the actress picked to
portray Monroe was Michelle Williams, I was
horrified – I mean come on that young girl from
Dawson’s Creek has been cast as the the sexiest
most charismatic Movie Icon the world has ever
seen, to say I was sceptical was putting it mildly.

I know… I know Michelle Williams career has
recently started to flower, her recent turns in the
wonderful “Shutter Island” and “Blue Valentine”
have been incredible BUT Marilyn Monroe really?

Well Michelle Williams was better than good,
she not only captured Marilyn’s sexy qualities
but she nailed her vulnerable nature, her
almost schizophrenic persona, I was totally
and utterly mesmerized by her performance.

All that said “My Week With Marilyn” was not
just about Williams, Kenneth Branagh and
Eddie Redmayne were also outstanding,
Branagh, like Williams, receiving an Oscar
Nomination for his work on the movie.

This movie is based on Colin Clark’s book
“The Prince, The Showgirl and Me” and
recounts Clark’s relationship with Monroe
whilst on the set of Laurence Olivier’s helmed
1957 movie “The Prince & the Showgirl“.

“My Week With Marilyn” is a movie triumph,
the acting is top notch, the locations for the
film shoot are wonderful & it’s direction
from Simon Curtis makes this movie an
unforgettable experience.

The Descendants

Directed by Alexander Payne
Cast George Clooney, Shailene Woodley,
Judy Greer, Matthew Lillard

Alexander Payne the guy who brought us the
brilliant “Sideways” delivers once more.

Matt played by Clooney returns home from
his workaholic lifestyle to find his wife in a
coma after a boating accident. His life now
turned upside down, Matt has to re-connect
with his two daughters, complete a business
transaction & find the guy who’s been
sleeping with his dying wife.

George Clooney recently nominated for an Oscar
gives a career high performance, he truly is the
Cary Grant of our times, he can make you laugh
out loud one minute then cry the next, superb!

Alexander Payne has once again directed an
emotional yet truly funny movie, his cast,
the beautiful Hawaii and the most important
ingredient the wonderful material by first time
novelist Kaui Hart Hemmings – delightful.