Silver Linings Playbook “Scores On Doors”



Wow! What an honest, refreshing dark take on the rom-com, fabulously directed
by David O. Russell (The Fighter), with great cinematography & great acting, the
young Lawrence facing off against veteran De Niro in one scene had me purring.

With on screen chemistry between Cooper & Lawrence rivaling that of
Bogart & Bacall and old timers De Niro & Weaver both producing the goods
Silver Linings Playbook is a wonderful movie that is emotionally funny,
sometimes stressful but by the time the end credits role I guarantee you will
be grinning from ear to ear – 8.5/10

silver1 lawrence-globe1

Jennifer Lawrence picking up Best Actress at
The Golden Globes for her Silver Linings Playbook role

Les Misérables “Scores On Doors”



Having seen the stage show on broadway a few times I was going into the movie
already a tune to the musical numbers and familiar with the stories characters, this
helped but in fairness would not stop one enjoying this big screen adaption of
Les Misérables. The performances from Jackman, Hathaway & Crowe were all
top notch each showing sides of their acting prowess that are rarely displayed,
Jackman & Hathaway have been recently rewarded by the Academy with Oscar
nominations for their respective roles. Tom Hooper manages to capture the time
beautifully with sprawling set pieces & unusual camera angles.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience, that will have you singing
along, weeping in anguish & cheering for victory – I would highly recommend 8/10


Superman : Man of Steel “Trailer”


Director – Zack Snyder
Cast: Henry Cavill,
Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner,
Amy Adams, Michael Shannon
Release Date: 14 June (US)
13 June (AUS) 14 June (UK)

Movie Summary
From the man who brought us Watchmen comes
the latest take on that famous Kansas lad
Clark Kent aka: SUPERMAN

Take a Peek at the Official Movie Trailer
I was very sceptical at first but i’m warming
to Henry Cavill, the movie looks impressive

Jack the Giant Slayer “Trailer”

Jack the Giant Slayer
Director – Bryan Singer
Cast: Nicholas Hoult,
Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane
Ewan McGregor
Release Date
: 1 March (US)
21 March (AUS)  22 March (UK)

 Movie Summary
is based
on the fairy tale “Jack the Giant Killer”
A Farmhand (Jack) faces all sorts of delightful
trouble as he attempts to rescue princess
Isabelle from the Giants.

Alex Cross “Trailer”

Alex Cross
Director – Rob Cohen
Cast: Matthew Fox,
Tyler Perry, Rachel Nichols
Giancarlo Esposito, Jean Reno
Release Date
: October 19 (US)
October 25 (AUS) November 30 (UK)

Movie Summary
Detective Alex Cross (Perry) tracks down
a Killer who has murdered a member of his
family – but not everything is as it seems,
and this no ordinary psychopath.

The photo below is of Matthew Fox (LOST)
who transformed his physique to play the
character Matthew “The Butcher” Sullivan

Lay the Favorite “Trailer”

Lay the Favorite – Stephen Frears
Cast: Bruce Willis
Rebecca Hall, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Joshua Jackson, Vince Vaughn
Release Date: N/A (US)
N/A (AUS) June 22 (UK)

Movie Summary
From High Fidelity’s Stephen Frears comes
the story of a young woman Beth Raymer (Hall)
who travels to Las Vegas in hopes of becoming
a cocktail waitress

Les Miserables “Trailer”

Les Miserables – Tom Hooper
Cast: Hugh Jackman
Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway
Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen
Release Date: December 14 (US)
December 26 (AUS) January 11 (UK)

Movie Summary
The latest movie adaption of Victor Hugo’s
famous novel – this time directed by Oscar
Winner Tom Hooper (A King’s Speech)

Men In Black III “Mini-Review”

Barry Sonnenfeld
Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson,
Alice Eve, Jemaine Clement

MEN IN BLACK III is the 3rd & possibly the
final movie (yea right) in this sci-fi franchise
featuring Agents J (Smith) and K (Jones).

J (Smith) has to time travel to the year
1969 and stop intergalactic criminal
Boris the Animal from changing his fate
and in the process re-writing history.

Barry Sonnenfeld’s Men In Black II
was released 10 years ago in 2002.

Along with the 3 Men In Black movies
Sonnenfeld has also directed Smith in
Wild Wild West back in 1999.

I had lots of fun with this movie, the
injection of new characters, the time
travel aspect of the film and watching
the movie on IMAX 3D all contributed
to a fun cinematic experience.

Men in Black III has some fantastic
movie moments – the Chrysler Building
scene was knee trembling, the introduction
of W‘s Josh Brolin was fine casting and
the smaller roles of Bill Hader as Warhol
and The Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger
turn as Boris The Animal’s sexy cake
bearing Lily Poison was lots of fun.

Men in Black III deserves to be seen on the
big screen – Will Smith’s first film in over
three years is a triumphant return!

The Great Gatsby “Trailer”

The Great Gatsby – Baz Luhrmann
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio
Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire
Amitabh Bachchan, Isla Fisher
Release Date: December 26 (US)
January 10 (AUS) December 26 (UK)

Movie Summary
The Great Gatsby
based on the acclaimed
novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Following the
mysterious Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan
in the “roaring” 20’s.

Reuniting DiCaprio with his Romeo & Juliet
director Luhrmann for the first time since 1996.

The Great Gatsby was also given a movie
adaption in 1974 – it starred Robert Redford
and Mia Farrow in the lead roles.