Screen Goddesses “Marilyn Monroe”

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars
for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul”


Marilyn Monroe first came onto my movie radar
whilst watching John Huston’s 1950 The Asphalt Jungle,
now granted she only had a minor role in the fillm but it
was a good performance and a launch pad for her career.


The 50’s was a whirlwind of endless success for Marilyn,
she was the pin up girl that everyone wanted a piece of,
every A-List actor & director wanted to work with her,
every man wanted to date her – she was and still is
Marilyn Monroe the Sexiest Woman Of All Time.


Marilyn Monroe brought an innocence & beauty to the screen
like no other movie actress – she won a Golden Globe for her
role as Sugar Kane in 1959’s Some Like It Hot and during
her successful spell in the 1950’s made over a dozen endearing
movies showing off her talent and that infectious smile of hers.


In 2010 we visited Marilyn Monroe’s star on the
Hollywood Walk Of Fame and her final resting place
The Westwood Memorial in L.A – i’m sure many reading
this have done the same – just our way of paying our
respect to one of the screen’s brightest stars
Marilyn Monroe


Kirk Douglas “Movie Legend”

As a hobby in the early 80s I began collecting
movies and watching as many as I could get my
hands on, either recording them from the TV or
buying them from the local video shop, it became
my passion & my collection still grows to this day.

One afternoon I started my movie education
into the black & white classics & came across the
1946 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, at the
time I did not know that this was the first feature
of Kirk Douglas and I was total hooked, blown
away by this American actor with his chiselled
features, the body of a professional boxer and
an actor with one hell of a screen presence.
I have been collecting his movies & following
his movie & writing career from that day.

Kirk Douglas was born on December 9th 1916
In the 1950/60’s Kirk Douglas gave some of
his career best performance:

1951 The Ace in the Hole
1952  The Bad and the Beautiful
1953 Lust for Life
1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
1957 Paths of Glory
1958 The Vikings
1960 Spartacus 

Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster made
7 Films together the last of which was the
wonderful Tough Guys in 1986

Kirk Douglas also appeared with the Duke
John Wayne in a number of pictures my
favorite being the superb War Wagon in 1967

He received 3 Oscar Nominations for
Best Actor in his Movie Career:
ChampionThe Bad & the Beautiful & Lust for Life
He did not win any of his nominations

In 1996 Kirk Douglas received the
Academy Honorary Award

Kirk has a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
situated on 6263 Hollywood Blvd

Kirk Douglas & his son Michael Douglas

Movie Trivia: Kirk Douglas was originally
cast as Col. Trautman in Stallone’s Movie
First Blood but pulled out at the last minute
after changes to the script he suggested were
refused – Richard Crenna was then hired.

Spartacus still my Number 1 movie of all time
Kirk Douglas with Tony Curtis and Jean Simmons

To this day Kirk Douglas is not only my favorite
Movie Actor but is also a true inspiration