Screen Goddesses “Marilyn Monroe”

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars
for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul”


Marilyn Monroe first came onto my movie radar
whilst watching John Huston’s 1950 The Asphalt Jungle,
now granted she only had a minor role in the fillm but it
was a good performance and a launch pad for her career.


The 50’s was a whirlwind of endless success for Marilyn,
she was the pin up girl that everyone wanted a piece of,
every A-List actor & director wanted to work with her,
every man wanted to date her – she was and still is
Marilyn Monroe the Sexiest Woman Of All Time.


Marilyn Monroe brought an innocence & beauty to the screen
like no other movie actress – she won a Golden Globe for her
role as Sugar Kane in 1959’s Some Like It Hot and during
her successful spell in the 1950’s made over a dozen endearing
movies showing off her talent and that infectious smile of hers.


In 2010 we visited Marilyn Monroe’s star on the
Hollywood Walk Of Fame and her final resting place
The Westwood Memorial in L.A – i’m sure many reading
this have done the same – just our way of paying our
respect to one of the screen’s brightest stars
Marilyn Monroe


My Week With Marilyn

Directed by Simon Curtis
Cast Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh,
Eddie Redmayne, Dougray Scott,
Judi Dench, Emma Watson

When I first heard that they were making a film
about star Marilyn Monroe, one of my favorite
movie stars of all time, and the actress picked to
portray Monroe was Michelle Williams, I was
horrified – I mean come on that young girl from
Dawson’s Creek has been cast as the the sexiest
most charismatic Movie Icon the world has ever
seen, to say I was sceptical was putting it mildly.

I know… I know Michelle Williams career has
recently started to flower, her recent turns in the
wonderful “Shutter Island” and “Blue Valentine”
have been incredible BUT Marilyn Monroe really?

Well Michelle Williams was better than good,
she not only captured Marilyn’s sexy qualities
but she nailed her vulnerable nature, her
almost schizophrenic persona, I was totally
and utterly mesmerized by her performance.

All that said “My Week With Marilyn” was not
just about Williams, Kenneth Branagh and
Eddie Redmayne were also outstanding,
Branagh, like Williams, receiving an Oscar
Nomination for his work on the movie.

This movie is based on Colin Clark’s book
“The Prince, The Showgirl and Me” and
recounts Clark’s relationship with Monroe
whilst on the set of Laurence Olivier’s helmed
1957 movie “The Prince & the Showgirl“.

“My Week With Marilyn” is a movie triumph,
the acting is top notch, the locations for the
film shoot are wonderful & it’s direction
from Simon Curtis makes this movie an
unforgettable experience.