Silver Linings Playbook “Scores On Doors”



Wow! What an honest, refreshing dark take on the rom-com, fabulously directed
by David O. Russell (The Fighter), with great cinematography & great acting, the
young Lawrence facing off against veteran De Niro in one scene had me purring.

With on screen chemistry between Cooper & Lawrence rivaling that of
Bogart & Bacall and old timers De Niro & Weaver both producing the goods
Silver Linings Playbook is a wonderful movie that is emotionally funny,
sometimes stressful but by the time the end credits role I guarantee you will
be grinning from ear to ear – 8.5/10

silver1 lawrence-globe1

Jennifer Lawrence picking up Best Actress at
The Golden Globes for her Silver Linings Playbook role

The Hunger Games : Catching Fire “New Pics”


Later this year comes the sequel to 2012’s The Hunger Games
Below are some new pics released by Lionsgate from “Catching Fire”
Francis Lawrence directs with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson
and the majority of the first movies cast returning for it’s sequel.


New comers to The Hunger Games universe are:
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Heavensbee, Amanda Plummer as Wiress,
Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair and Jeffrey Wright as Beetee



The Hunger Games “Mini Review”

Directed by Gary Ross
Cast Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson,
Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson,
Elizabeth Banks, Donald Sutherland,
Wes Bentley, Stanley Tucci

Set in the future nation of Panem which is divided
into twelve districts, each district having their
own purpose in the overall running of Panem.
After the War between the Capitol and District 13,
an annual Games was created, a penance held
over each district in order to keep some sort of
order. Our story takes place at the 74th Games,
one female and one male are chosen from each
district to enter The Hunger Games, and only
one may leave, an arena of death & entertainment.

After her sister Primrose is picked to represent
District 12, Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence) volunteers
herself in order to save her much younger sister
from a certain death. Katniss is joined by Peeta
Mellark (Hutcherson) the son of a baker, and off
they travel to the capitol & The Hunger Games.

The majority of Movies adapted from a successful
novel fail to live up to expectations and sadly
The Hunger Games is one such example. It’s
lack of humanising the characters we see fight
to their death in the games is a serious flaw,
if we the audience want to connect with story
telling here then some character building should
have been high on the filmmakers list. Yes the
movie/novel is centred around Katniss but too
many of the other characters were ignored in the
adaption process, hence whilst watching the
movie I felt nothing for the other characters.

After reading Suzanne Collins novel over a year
ago maybe my expectation levels were high,
but I do feel the movie was rushed slightly and
remains a missed opportunity. With the rumours
of Gary Ross not helming the movie sequel
Catching Fire  I have hope that lessons will
be learnt and if a new director comes on board
he/she approaches things differently, less shaky
cam & more characterisation would be a nice start.

Overall fans of the novel will still enjoy the movie
but wonder what could have been…