The Artist “Mini Review”

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius
Cast Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo
John Goodman, James Cromwell,
Penelope Ann Miller, Malcolm Mcdowell
Uggie, Missi Pyle, Jen Lilley

After watching this movie back in January
& before it took gold at the Oscars I thought it
only fair to re-watch and then post a review.

Set in the 1920/30’s and filmed in the style of an
old silent movie The Artist was a joy to behold.
The movie’s story is centered around a silent
film star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), his
fall from movie stardom, & his relationship with
a young dancer turned actress Peppy Miller.

The Artist tells such an intriguing story, watching
Valentin’s great popularity in the silent era turn to
bankruptcy and a man hitting the bottle to empty
the sadness from his life, it’s pretty tragic but also
filled with many uplifting moments.

It’s a movie shot with style using the medium of
silent film, with great comic moments, beautifully
choreographed scenes and has tremendous
performances by it’s cast.

It’s one of the most charming movie experiences
that your likely to encounter, a true homage to
the golden age of filmmaking and if your concerned
about watching a silent movie then don’t be, it’s
one of the most entertaining films of 2011 & not
forgetting it has one of the most endearing
performances by a dog in a movie since 1939’s
classic The Wizard of Oz.