Charles Swan III “Movie Artwork”


From Writer & Director ROMAN COPPOLA comes
“A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III”

 The Movie hits cinema’s across the globe early 2013

Coppola has assembled an incredible cast that includes:
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray,
Jason Schwartzman, Patricia Arquette & Aubrey Plaza

Some new Movie Artwork has been release TAKE A PEEK


Snitch “Trailer”

Director – Ric Roman Waugh
Cast: Dwayne Johnson,
Jon Bernthal, Susan Sarandon,
Nadine Velazquez, Barry Pepper,
Michael Kenneth Williams
Release Date
: 22 February (US)
N/A (AUS)  N/A (UK)

 Movie Summary
The Rock aka: Dwayne Johnson
goes undercover in the drug world in an
attempt to free his son who is doing time,
the result of a set up by some real bad
mutha frackers.

Epic “Trailer”

Director – Chris Wedge
Vocal Talent: Amanda Seyfried,
Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell
Christoph Waltz, Jason Sudeikis
Release Date
: 24 May (US)
13 June (AUS)  24 May (UK)

 Movie Summary
From the Director who brought us
Robots and Ice Age comes EPIC
a story of Good vs Evil, a fantasy
adventure based on William Joyce’s novel
The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs

Jack the Giant Slayer “Trailer”

Jack the Giant Slayer
Director – Bryan Singer
Cast: Nicholas Hoult,
Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane
Ewan McGregor
Release Date
: 1 March (US)
21 March (AUS)  22 March (UK)

 Movie Summary
is based
on the fairy tale “Jack the Giant Killer”
A Farmhand (Jack) faces all sorts of delightful
trouble as he attempts to rescue princess
Isabelle from the Giants.