Michael Douglas “Top Five”

Born on September 25, 1944
Son of Movie Legend Kirk Douglas

Facts: Two Times OSCAR Winner

Top Five – Number 5
THE GAME – 1997

Top Five – Number 4

Top Five – Number 3

Top Five – Number 2

Top Five – Number 1

Noticeable Mentions
War of the Roses – Jewel in the Nile –
Fatal Attraction – China Syndrome

The Iceman “Trailer”

The Iceman
Director – Ariel Vromen
Cast: Michael Shannon,
Winona Ryder, Chris Evans,
James Franco, Ray Liotta
Release Date
: N/A

Movie Summary
NO this is not the story of Val Kilmer’s
wonderful character in TOP GUN – It is
in fact a movie based on the notorious
Mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski.

At the Venice Film Festival

Raiders of the Lost Ark “IMAX”

Indiana Jones & The Raiders
Of The Lost Ark

IMAX Release Dates
U.S. release – From 7th September
U.K. release – From 21st September
(running for 1 week limited)

I am so excited at seeing
“The Greatest Action Movie Of All Time”
on the biggest screen of all

The Last Stand “Trailer”

The Last Stand
Director – Jee-woon Kim
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Peter Stormare, Forest Whitaker,
Johnny Knoxville
Release Date
: January 18 (US)
January 21 (AUS) January 25 (UK)

Movie Summary
A Sheriff of a sleepy town has to make
a stand against a drug kingpin and his
thugs who are on the run, and who’s only
way to freedom is – you guessed it
through the Sheriff & his inexperienced
staff and across the border.

Personally it’s great to see that in 2013
we shall see the return of the Action Hero

Bullet to the Head “Trailer”

Bullet to the Head
Director – Walter Hill
Cast: Sylvester Stallone,
Sarah Shahi, Christian Slater,
Jason Momoa, Sung Kang
Release Date
: February 1 (US)
N/A (AUS) February 1 (UK)

Movie Summary
A retired hit man and a young detective
team up to take down their common enemy.

Directed by the wonderfully underated
Walter Hill – 48hrs, Streets of Fire and
The Warriors amongst Hill’s best work.




Killing Them Softly “Trailer”

Killing Them Softly
Director – Andrew Dominik
Cast: Brad Pitt,
Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini,
Ray Liotta, Scoot Mcnairy
Release Date
: October 19 (US)
September 20 (AUS) September 21 (UK)

Movie Summary
Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt) is brought
in to investigate a heist that went down
during a game of poker run by the mob.

This looks fantastic – great cast and judging
by the awesome trailer Killing them Softly
could end up being one of the best of 2012.

Pitt and Dominik worked together on:
The Assassination of Jesse James
by the Coward Robert Ford