Superman : Man of Steel “Teaser”

Superman: Man of Steel
Director – Zack Snyder
Cast: Henry Cavill,
Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe,
Amy Adams, Michael Shannon
Release Date
: June 14 (US)
June 13 (AUS) June 14 (UK)

Movie Summary
Sent from his dying planet of Krypton
a child……. YOU know the story – and
yup this is SUPERMAN a new start to
the franchise and directed by the ultra
talented Watchmen director Zack Snyder

Take a Peek at the new teaser trailer below

Sam Raimi’s OZ “New Pics”

Oz: The Great And Powerful
James Franco, Michelle Williams,
Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz & Zach Braff

The new pictures released gives the movie
an almost (dare I say it) Tim Burton feel
to the proceedings – Raimi has assembled
a great looking cast – looks promising.

Mark your Calender
7th & 8th March 2013

Ernest Borgnine “RIP”

Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012)

One of Hollywood’s finest has passed away.
Ernest Borgnine started his career back in
the magnificent 50’s, during a time the likes
of Kirk Douglas & Burt Lancaster were
dazzling our screens. Ernest got his break
playing “Fatso” in the 1953 classic
From Here to Eternity & never looked back.

Ernest Borgnine went on to star in such movies
as Bad Day at Black Rock, The Vikings,
The Wild Bunch and one of my personal
favorites Emperor of the North opposite
another great character actor Lee Marvin.

And gave a superb performance in the John
Carpenter classic Escape from New York
alongside Kurt Russell – he played the Cabbie!

He won an Academy Award for his role
in the 1955 drama Marty

Ernest Borgnine RIP

Rise of the Guardians “Trailer”

Rise of the Guardians
Director – Peter Ramsey
Cast: Chris Pine,
Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman,
Isla Fisher, Jude Law,Dakota Goyo
Release Date
: November 21 (US)
December 13 (AUS) November 30 (UK)

Movie Summary
The Immortal Guardians join together
to take on a great evil, that threatens
the children of the world.

Based on the Guardians of Childhood
book series by William Joyce

Amazing Spider-Man “Scores On Doors”


Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man
is up there with the best of superhero
adaptions & a thrill ride from the opening
to the end credits – unlike some comic
book adaptions the acting is top draw &
the action is fast and furious. This is one
for the big screen so don’t miss out!


Jack Reacher “Trailer”

Jack Reacher
Director – Christopher McQuarrie
Cast: Tom Cruise,
Robert Duvall, Rosamund Pike
Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog
Release Date
: December 21 (US)
January 3 (AUS) December 28 (UK)

Movie Summary
Based on the Lee Child crime novels.
Cruise looks menacing as the dark vigilante
ex-cop cleaning up the streets – this movie
is based on Lee Child’s ninth novel “One Shot”

Tom Cruise “50 Today”


Since watching Tom back in the early 80’s
he has always been a firm favorite of mine
and in my eye’s one of the most consistent
Movie Stars in the Modern Era!

Since the triumph of TOP GUN back in 86
his movies have thrilled audiences around
the world, he is a rare breed of movie star
that can actually act with the best of them,
do his own stunts and is more committed to
his craft than any other actor out there!

Tom Cruise has been nominated for
3 Oscars & has won 3 Golden Globes

My Top 5 Favorite Tom Cruise Movies
1. Top Gun (1986)
2. The Last Samurai (2003)
3. Collateral (2004)
4. Magnolia (1999)
5. Jerry Maguire (1996)

But like most Top 5’s they change like
the wind 🙂 – with over 30 movies to
choose from i’m sure you will agree it’s
tough just choosing 5!